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Patents for Technology Transfer

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This Kitten is fully comfortable to lay her paws on Dr. Ingrid Kelly’s book, Patents for Technology Transfer. Dr. Ingrid Kelly is the Technology Transfer Manager on the University of Vienna and she has extra than a decade of ride as a European Patent attorney. The e e e-book is a brief, yet sensible info addressed to Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) managers operating at universities and study institutes with little ride in patent law.

Dr. Kelly explains in a concise method the whole life cycle of a patent, from drafting to prosecution and enforcement. The e e e-book is divided into nine chapters. Drafting and prosecution points are protected from the chapter one till the eight, meanwhile, chapter nine is concentrated on enforcement.

In the principal three chapters, Dr. Kelly discusses the patentability requirements and exclusions dependent within the TRIPS Agreement, the European Patent Convention, and a few similar case law within the USA. Also, she explains the construction of claims (its meaning and regardless of even whilst the wording is authorized in practice), suggestions on find out find out methods to calculate patent phrases and the predominant sure sides of supplementary safe practices certificates (SPCs). Also, she incorporates concepts for drafting IP policies, suggestions on find out find out methods to recognize patents as a marketing software and to negotiate with firms for transferring technology.

Chapter 4, which this Kitten discovered rather interesting, covers inventorship and ownership. Dr. Kelly stocks her ride relating to contract points in phrases of cooperation among inventors and universities. In addition, she adds a few concepts about suggestions on find out find out methods to treat joint inventions (i.e. institutional co-owners within the type of consortiums), the TTO charges and the earning from technology transfers.

Dr. Kelly highlights in chapter 5 the benefits and dangers of saying precedence in a patent application. Also, she nicely explains the operation of the grace interval and the importance of getting confidentiality agreements in area among the instances concerned within the trend of technologies. Meanwhile, in chapter 6, she adds news for picking a patent lawyer as nicely as distinctive concepts relating to billing and retaining a TTO’s charge fluctuate under control, similar to instructing a patent lawyer to extend an workplace motion (when it's suitable).

In chapter 7, Dr. Kelly explains the predominant sure sides of patent searches and exam for assessing the patentability of an invention, as nicely the monstrous objections to workplace actions, the acceleration of prosecution (including patent prosecution road programs) and the importance of the news disclosure statement (IDS) within the USA.

Dr. Kelly explains in chapter 8 the mechanisms for submitting patent techniques in distinctive countries, specifically under the PCT and earlier than the European Patent Office as nicely because the predominant sure sides of the EU unitary patent. Also, she adds concepts for reviewing a patent portfolio, such because the points to be taken into account in abandoning a patent and the standards for patent metrics as utilized to statistical news reviews on technology move activities.

Finally, in chapter 9, Dr. Kelly presents an evaluation of patent enforcement, wherein she discusses invalidity and infringement proceedings (including remedies), exemptions and defenses. She also adds an evaluation of fashionable topics similar to patent trolls, traditional medicinal wisdom and genetic resources, evergreening and entry to medicines.

Patents for Technology Transfer is a really good e e e-book for TTOs managers operating at universities and study institutes. From a strategic approach, it adds a clean evaluation of the concept and train of patent law as nicely as really good concepts for the management of the patent portfolio at TTOs, with the purpose to maximize the effects derived from technology transfer.

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