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Assistive Technology

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Studies have shown that 1 in 5 children are diagnosed with a reading disability.'s web web website offers resources, identical to articles, tips, and access to a web community, to assist parents residence with and professionals running alongside children with disabilities to guide e book their trip and create a deeper understanding of each child's needs. As stated on the's site, "With the actual support, parents may also support children unlock their strengths and acquire their entire potential."
The's article underneath is one amongst many reachable on the count of Assistive Technology. The addition of technology to assist parts of difficulty is an advantageous method for so so much of children. This article provides a blank and concise overview to guide parents and educators who are interested in reading more about assistive technology or belief their child or pupil may benefit from assistive technology tools that additional enhance their strengths and develop parts the function challenges are always present.


At a Glance

Assistive technology can’t “cure” reading and attention issues, nevertheless it may nicely support children work spherical their challenges.
Not all types of assistive technology are high-tech.
You can talk assistive technology alongside along with your child’s IEP or 504 plan team.

If your child has reading and attention issues, you’ll want to recognize about a differ of hotels to boom his learning. Assistive technology (AT) may be an advantageous accommodation. Understanding what AT is and how it truly works is step one toward finding the actual tools on your child.

Assistive Technology Basics

In a big sense, assistive technology (AT) is any device, piece of gadget or gadget that permits a user with a disability work spherical his challenges so he can learn, dialogue or simply aim better. How would maybe it support your child?
There are many types of AT that support children with reading and attention issues. These tools may also support them work spherical their challenges while playing to their strengths. This permits them grow to be more successful, productive students. At the identical time, their belief and independence can grow.
Did you recognize that your child may also be eligible for free digital text-to-speech books? Learn more.
Assistive Technology Tools: From the Simple to the Sophisticated

There are AT tools to guide students who combat with listening, math, executive functioning, reading and writing. The differ of reachable AT tools has grown swiftly in recent years.
Despite the word “technology,” now now not all AT tools are high-tech. AT ranges from important adaptive tools (like highlighters and organizers) to high-tech tools (like text-to-speech software).

Assistive Technology and Your Child’s IEP or 504 Plan

If your child has an Individualized Education Program (IEP), the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires your child’s IEP crew to test despite even when AT is needed on your child to get dangle of a “free and right public education.”
IDEA also says the college district is responsible for choosing and shopping for the technology. The college must train its workers and your child to use it.
For a child with a 504 plan, the law is so so much much less blank about assistive technology. However, Section 504 encourages hotels for students with disabilities, and AT falls into that category. The college isn’t responsible for recommending, shopping for or lessons your child to use AT. But they must be eager to suppose of it as an accommodation.
Because the amount of AT tools has grown by way of strength of leaps and bounds in recent years, it’s hard for a number of colleges to reside on greatest of what’s available. You may need to do a number of test on your private and be proactive alongside along with your child’s school.
Make sure any AT the college agrees to is listed truthfully on your child’s IEP or 504 plan. Discuss the settings and circumstances the function your child can (and cannot) use it. Those data must also be brought to the IEP or 504 plan.

The Assistive Technology Assessment Process

The IEP crew will request an AT evaluation if it decides one is necessary. An AT evaluation is accomplished by way of strength of a professional professional in the edge in which your child needs support. For example, a speech therapist will doubtless do the evaluation if your child needs a instrument to guide with communicating. The college may have a private consultant do the evaluation if there’s no person on workers qualified to treat the task.
Currently, there are now not any crucial suggestions or procedures in function for AT assessments. That strength it’s a good idea to recognize the historical past of the user doing the assessment. You can ask in regards to the evaluator’s experience, training and qualifications. Other questions you and the crew would maybe want to ask include:
Which tools do you anticipate will doubtless be advantageous in addressing my child’s actual needs?
What strengths does my child have that may support him use this tool?
Do you note a need for tools to be used in different settings? (Home, school, social settings, etc.)
How important is this instrument to learn and to use?
How secure is it?
What form of technical support or replacement policy do you or the model provide?
What Assistive Technology Cannot Do

No count what instrument your child uses, it’s basic to recognize AT doesn’t “cure” reading and attention issues. AT cannot:
Make up for lifeless teaching
Make reading and attention issues transfer away
What Assistive Technology Can Do

It’s basic to dangle in mind that AT’s aim is to guide your child’s learning. It doesn’t replace good teaching, but it is applied apart from well-designed instruction. It may also support your child be more self-confident and work more independently. It also may also support your child:
Work more quick and more accurately
Navigate classroom routines
Set and meet high goals
The actual AT tools allow children use their skills to work on parts of weakness. For example, if your child has reading issues but has good listening skills, audiobooks would maybe be useful.
Finding the actual match amongst AT tools and your child’s needs may take a number of work. But the right AT tools may be instrumental in aiding your child grow to be a more successful and independent learner.

Key Takeaways

If a child with an IEP needs assistive technology, the college district must do an evaluation and provide the tools.
Ideally, your child will use tools that work spherical his challenges while playing to his strengths.
Choosing the actual tools may also support your child grow to be a more constructive and independent student.

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