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Good morning! Here are newest very very foremost stories in growing technology.
Google’s merely been hit with Europe’s greatest ever antitrust fine

The European Union’s trustbusters want the search massive to cough up $5 billion as a penalty for utilizing its Android mobile operating tools to stifle competition.
The rate sheet: The EU alleges Google uses Android, which powers 80 percent of the world’s smartphones, to unfairly want its own search engine and mobile apps by:

    forcing telephone makers into contracts that require them to pre-install its search supplier and web browser in return for access to the Google Play app store and different products.
    making payments to huge manufacturers and mobile network operators to get them to pre-install Google’s search engine exclusively on their phones.
    threatening to block telephone makers’ access to its app store and search engine within the party that they run varieties of Android known as “forks” that haven’t been authorized by means of the company.

What’s next: Announcing the EU’s decision, Margrethe Vestager, its antitrust chief, said Google must cease its anti-competitive behavior inside 90 days or face added penalties. Expect Google to difficulty the EU’s ruling in court. The search behemoth has often claimed it faces stiff competition, from Apple in particular. It’s pointed to the truth that telephone makers often arrange competing apps as well as its own as proof it isn’t suppressing competition.
Why this matters: The power of huge tech corporations is a huge concern, as we those days highlighted. So far, Europe has led the technique in difficult what it considers abuses of that power. It remains to be considered despite even whereas US trustbusters will word its lead.

-Martin Giles

This supplier supplier is giving away face recognition program program application to K-12 schools

RealNetworks launched an online web website yesterday that allows schools in North America to acquire and implement its face recognition program program application for free.
The trial: Called SAFR, the tech is recently being tested at a school in Seattle that the founder, Rob Glaser’s, youngsters attend.
What it does: The program program displays who is coming onto campus. For the Seattle trial, folks of students at the school signal of their faces with the software, which allows them to unlock a gate by means of smiling at a surveillance camera.
The controversy: Glaser sees his program program application as a option to boost safety in schools that circumvents the touchy matter of gun tackle legislation. But it’s doubtless to find itself inside the coronary center of 1 different debate, over despite even whereas the deployment of face recognition tech wants to be regulated. Glaser advised Wired: ”In a country the facet there were so many tragic incidents in schools, technology that makes it easier to grasp schools safer is fundamentally a good thing.”

A new listing says AI will replace as many jobs as it kills
The consulting firm PwC anticipates that AI will add as many jobs to the UK financial tools as are lost to the technology.
The predictions: The paper forecasts that about 20 percent of UK jobs would presumably potentially presumably potentially presumably be automated by means of 2037-but 20 percent more jobs would presumably potentially presumably even be created. Strictly speaking, the listing suggests about 7 million would presumably potentially presumably potentially presumably be lost and 7.2 million gained.
But… Take results like this with an massive grain of salt. Job predictions that seem nearly 20 years into the fate make a lot of assumptions. As the authors write, “There are many now now now no longer chose issues that also too can merely tip the balance towards more positive or pessimistic scenarios.”
The takeaway: Companies, researchers, and consultancy groups disagree like crazy over what quantity of jobs will succumb to automation. Reports from reputable groups help predict extensively used trends, but quite of in search of out real numbers same to technology-induced activity loss, we want to read out ways to deal with it.

Coinbase is birth to seem a lot like a standard massive tech company
The cryptocurrency commerce is growing up fast-and becoming more merely precise to the variety of supplier supplier that cryptocurrency was meant to circumvent.
Two massive news items: Coinbase has announced that it's “exploring the addition” of five new crypto-tokens. Just as important, Bloomberg reported that Coinbase has the “green light” from US securities regulators to make three acquisitions that could just want to pave the technique for it to develop to be one in each of the predominant licensed ways for shopping for and promoting “tokenized” varieties of standard investments, like supplier supplier shares.
A contentious backdrop: Landing on an massive commerce like Coinbase boosts a crypto-token’s perceived value, so there also too can merely be a lot of money is at the line. Complicating issues is a lack of clarity from regulators concerning which money are commodities, that could just almost really presumably potentially be securities, and that could just almost really presumably potentially be something different altogether.
This appears to be familiar: Coinbase, that could just almost really presumably potentially be worth as a lot as $8 billion, has been in fast expansion mode lately. Some have in plenty of instances known as it a budding “Google of crypto.” But isn’t that antithetical to the decentralized upper to which many cryptocurrency enthusiasts adhere? Meet the variety new boss, same as the antique boss.
-Mike Orcutt

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Ten Fascinating Things

Our roundup of recent upper tech news to get you thinking and debating.

Laying down the ideas of the street for self-driving cars
Analytics firm Inrix has created a program program that helps cities tackle all the ideas it expects folks to word to help train self-driving cars. (Wired)
+ ZOOX is building self-driving automobiles from the ground up really than outfitting show vehicles. (Bloomberg)

WhatsApp has fueled more than five hundred dozen killings in India
False rumors spread by means of technique of the app about child kidnappers are to blame. (NYT)

BMW is difficult Uber in Seattle
It is combining car-sharing and ride-hailing into one app. (GeekWire)

Supersonic experience is getting a second chance
Companies are hoping customers can pay upper dollar for a fast trip. (WSJ)
+ NASA will test quieter supersonic booms over Texas this year. (TR)

Facebook doubles down on AI research
It would presumably potentially presumably potentially presumably be expanding its AI group and creating new school partnerships. (Washington Post)

If you are taking a DNA test, you would presumably potentially presumably be in for a shock
People are discovering their folks aren’t who they concept they were. (The Atlantic)

Netflix continues to grow, but now now now no longer fast enough
The company’s stock drop has induced debate over despite even whereas newest tech valuations are sustainable. (Axios)

A new VR horror game wants to make sure you’re scared
If you coronary coronary coronary coronary center cost isn’t fast enough, it ramps up the fright level. (Digital Trends)

Britain is ache from a lack of wind
And whereas the wind stops blowing, turbines cease spinning

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