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Educational Technology

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Educational Technology 1 has open the method for students/learners to get to recognize extra the technological instruments that may guide them of their studying as properly simply due to the fact the academics of their teaching. Specifically, tutorial technology 1 has made it clean to the scholars (to us, to me specifically) the actual meaning of technology. There was an emphasis that technology in training isn't all the time an merit as it has its essential risks too, like whilst it's now not used safely could to damages. The position of tutorial technology has been made clean and well-defended - on this quickly altering world, academics has to manage with what’s new and what’s in. Teachers ought to grow to be virtual academics to enhance their tips and technique of teaching. The systematic technique was also brought which says that it's going to leap with defining objectives, then selecting of perfect methods, follows selecting of perfect experiences, then selecting of material and equipment, assigning personnel role, implementing instruction, assessment outcomes, and finally refining the process. The above stated technique ensures that there may be an orderly dating and interaction of human, technical and environmental sources to satisfy the goals.

Teachers has to manage with what’s new and what’s in
 The cone of stories has also been tackled which exhibits the stage of stories that the scholars can journey in tutorial technology that's organized founded mostly on abstraction now not on its difficulty. It was also emphasized in EdTech 1 the utilizing and evaluating of instructional material – it's going to observe the guideline “PPPF” (Prepare your Self, Prepare your students, Present the material, and Follow up). There was an emphasis on direct, purposeful journey simply due to the fact the firsthand stories that serve simply due to the fact the basis of learning. It can be handy to employ contrived stories if the actual state of affairs isn't available. Guidelines in demonstrating have been also elaborated. Importance of area trips, energy of film, video and TV in classroom has been elucidated; those are helpful instruments in guide (say, displaying how mitosis occurs in video presentation). 

Students make projects;
a evidence of learning
     EdTech 1 has emphasized the used of visible symbols in educating which may assist summarize lessons. There was also a thought of maximizing the use of overhead projector and chalkboard if in case advanced technology isn't accessible within the school. Project-based learning:  its meaning and as a technique has also been elaborated – it's vital that the academics of the 21st century, ought to examine the wisdom and potential of scholars by way of projects. Guidelines in assessing students’ studying in a constructivist technology-supported classroom have also been elaborated – suggestions are given. Lastly, the position of tutorial media heart has been explained thereby offering news on how scholar makes most of the heart and read a lot.


Pic. 1. Photo-output by way of
Adobe Photoshop
       In EdTech 1, we didn't basically have discovered so a lot from the textbook but we've also discovered how you can use a few softwares. Our presentation talent was enhanced as properly as our sensible skills. We discovered how you can use instrument similar to Adobe Photoshop as Cyberlink Powerdirector. We have been made to post an edited image (see pic. 1) and a film as an output.

Pic. 2. Comic Strip made by way of

        We have been also made to make our own rubrics utilizing and our own Comic strip utilizing (see pic. 2). We also reported matters utilizing other graphic organizers. We get to have on-line lessons by way of We discovered so many issues which we will use in our teachings later.


 I even have come to the realization that it on this quickly altering world, it's now not sufficient which you simply basically have the concepts to grow to be an advantageous trainer but you ought to even have the sensible expertise wanted within the 21st century. You ought to by no means cease studying instead, cope up and adapt to the changes. One ought to actually embrace new tips in educating with the association of technology to higher cater the desires of the 21st century students. One ought to contain technology (if available) and employ it within probably essentially the foremost productive and beneficiant method doubtless and never simply shop it in shelves the place dirt and time make it obsolete. One ought to by no means neglect the risks of technology simply due to the fact after all technology is right the following to ease our lives.
 However, I even have also come to the realization that there ought to also be restrict in utilizing technology in training simply due to the fact as soon as it's now not isn't used properly, it turns into a disadvantage. Technology isn't the replace of a teacher, it's simply an aid. No subject how nice that a sure innovation is, nonetheless nothing replaces a teacher.


With the creation of technology,
learners can read on their own.
 As a destiny trainer I will contain technology in my teaching. I may be open to the brand new educating thoughts and be keen also to read how you can use new units and items and their encompassing packages and providers for me to grow to be a higher 21st century teacher. I will employ what is accessible even when it’s now not what is latest. I will contain my scholars in my educating now not simply make them mere audiences and hearers. I will maximize their expertise by requiring them to post studying outputs and by that I will recognize that they actually have learned. I will deviate (as a lot as possible) to the standard method of teaching, instead, I will observe my studying in Edtech 1 (and needless to say 2) to make me a higher and advantageous teacher.

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